How To Take Great Care Of Your Mobility Scooter In Winter

That’s right, we’re into the dark, frequently bitterly cold, winter months. And for those of you who are venturing out on your movement scooters, this time of year can be somewhat challenging. From dark frozen early mornings to damp winter season days, the conditions aren’t constantly perfect for those of you who are setting out on your scooters. With that being stated, we want you to feel as positive as possible this winter, with a few valuable pointers on how to keep your mobility aids in the finest shape possible.

Keep Your Movement Scooter Clean
Keeping your scooter dry after usage in damp weather condition will prove vital to the life-span of your components. The very same goes for keeping your scooter tidy after use, especially on the metalwork. A fast clean down after use shouldn’t take a couple of minutes and should prevent any more intricate upkeep operate in the long-run.

Regularly Inspect Your Movement Scooter’s Tires
In slippery, icy conditions, it’s particularly crucial your tyres are frequently checked for basic signs of wear and tear. Pneumatic tires need to have their pressure looked at a monthly basis if they are not completely pumped up the probability of an accident boosts.

Keep Your Mobility Scooter Sheltered
The ideal place to store your movement scooter is in a house, garage, or shed. The main idea is that your scooter is kept dry to prevent components from rusting, particularly in colder temperatures your battery will not perform as well so keeping your scooter sheltered helps to prevent this!

Protect The Control Board Of Your Mobility Scooter
Movement scooters have electrical components so it is important to prevent water from getting in where it shouldn’t. Utilize a protective cover to protect your control panel and attempt your best to keep both your scooter and more significantly yourself, dry!

Now we’ve covered the essentials of how to guarantee your mobility scooter endures the winter months, it is necessary to stress the most important thing to guarantee is individual security. If you’re venturing out into the dark, constantly use high visibility clothing and wrap up warm, guarantee your battery is completely charged, and that you have a working headlight turned on. If you’re taking a trip somewhere more afield in the winter, it’s practical to think about taking a smartphone.